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Today was my first day at the gym. When I walked into it I felt like Homer Simpson when he first goes to a Gym, conveniently shown in this YouTube video.

I took my time with everything, and was with Mims and Minny [because she loves Minions, and I won’t share most people’s names]. Minny showed me how most of the stuff works, and I had a go on a fair amount of things. I know I didn’t push myself to the brink, but  I need to get used to what is here, what’s on offer and all that jazz. The aim of this venture is two-fold – 1, lose some weight, 2, get some muscle and tone up and feel much more comfortable in my own body.

It will take time, and it will take effort, and certainly money. But I need this, and I need to stick with it to get the results that I want.

Short and sweet,