Today I am having something ridiculous computer issues. It’s taken something like fifteen minutes to load, and now I am experiencing some amazing lag/buffering when typing away in Word. Loading Word itself was a bit of a mission, as was the internet [note: Facebook]. I nearly gave up and wrote an entry on my phone rather than on the computer.

My laptop is approximately three years old, I think. I got it two weeks before my dissertation was due in university as my previous one just crashed and didn’t want to work properly. Luckily, my dissertation was saved, and most of my stuff is kept on external hard drives – no risking of files from me thank you very much. When this dies, which it is nearing the end of its life as all laptops tend to my plan is to get a MacBook because I think they are just made of win. Of course, I don’t actually know how to use them but I’m sure I would pick it up quickly.

Considering the computer related issues this will be it for today,

Take it easy folks,