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Today I did a bit of TV show catch up. I know I talk a lot about TV shows, but I watch a lot whilst I knit as it’s better than being in silence. Sometimes I listen to music over the TV. But TV usually wins. Today I was doing some series 5 catch up of Castle. I am near the end of the series as it is, but I go through phases of watching things in blocks. I will re-watch the entire series when it’s released on DVD in Novemeber.

The episodes I watched today were the ones that dealt with the kidnapping of Alexis and her friend Sara. I won’t spoil it for anyone but I a little disappointed with how this went, more so because I thought that it would most definitely have something to do with the XXXK serial killer because I am certain that he isn’t actually dead. He can’t be. I really thought he would be behind it all.

And the revelation about Castle’s “Dad” and being inspired to write by being given a book in the library was just a bit cheesy. I know this show is based on cheese just a bit, but still.

Because of these episodes I did two things: I speed knit through just over half the next section of my knitting, and two 2, made me remember that I was writing some fanfiction that seems to have a single ridiculously dedicated fan that I thought I would update on. I tend to forget that I have it on the go. You know how it happens, get a plot bunny, write a bit then the bunny takes off for a new home and you forget about it.

So that’s been my day really. I go back to the gym tomorrow, and then I have my induction on Friday so that’s all looking interesting, but not much else to say for now.

Take it easy folks,