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Oh how fast this month seems to be travelling by. I have yet to miss a days blogging, which I am very pleased with as I really thought that I would have stopped these regular updates by now as usually something else [like life] tends to get in the way.

Throughout the course of writing these blogs I have gained a few new followers, so welcome you all! It’s a pleasure to know that there are people out there interested about what I have to say, even when I don’t think it’s all that interesting, like yesterdays quick mobile blog – which was the first time that I had ever written a blog in that manner, and the first time I had even considered the facility whilst owning my iPhone.

I had my induction at the gym today. My sister, Minny and me had our induction at the same time [because doing with someone familiar makes you more likely to keep it up, and at least you look silly together]. I felt as though I was in a PE lesson, and actually felt like I did back then when I sucked at everything that I needed to do. But I have learnt some of the areas that I need to focus on to help me to lose the weight I want to and then tone up afterward. My arms hurt a bit from the weights though. And I didn’t last on the endurance but again it is something to work on and to improve on. I want to be able to last on things like the cross trainer, and learn to run as well.

I did go for a Wagamama’s with Alex afterwards though because I was really hungry. I enjoyed every single bite of it. Right this moment we are watching [or should I say, it is on and we are both playing on our laptops] “Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows” and I remember watching this in the cinema and laughing so much at the bit where Stephen Fry gets naked.

Of course, staying with my boyfriend you would have thought that I would have remembered my iPhone charging cable, and because it’s the 5 it’s different from the other types of charging cables which adds up to the fact that I don’t have a backup one. So my phone will be dead in the morning. It’s not the end of the world I know, but I don’t like being out and about with a dead phone – it’s that – what if I need it in an emergency business that I would then tend to over think on driving round.

I’m sure that there is so much more to say but I’ll leave it there for tonight as my internet signal isn’t very strong here and the connection keep dropping out.

Take it easy folks,