Things that I have done today:

–          Bought some presents for my niece’s birthday next week

–          Came home, did some knitting – not nearly as much as I would have liked though

–          Had a nap – I just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

–          Did some washing [need some clean uniform for work]

–          Changed my bed sheets and tidied my room a bit

–          Turned on and played my PlayStation [Tomb Raider 2013! I’ve been stuck on the same bit for a really long time but got through it this time]

–          Really, really, ache from the gym yesterday

–          Played some Candy Crush but stuck on 197

So it would seem like a lot really, but really not. I have enjoyed my day immensely though, it’s these days that make busy weeks better.

I suppose I can now add “write the blog” to the list as well even though this isn’t much of a blog today.

I am possibly going to go to the gym tomorrow as the next time I’ll be able to go will be Thursday which seems like a really long time to go between sessions. I am not sure yet though as it would mean going on my own and that doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Take it easy folks,