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Daily Prompt: “Sorry, I’m Busy”.

This is the Daily Prompt from yesterday [I think, it doesn’t take much for me to get confused with the US times when I live in the UK]. The prompt asks you to describe a time when you’ve said that you’re too busy to help when really you should have done.

For me the only time I tend to feel like this is when I’m out driving [in a specific town as well, not just in general] and it’s usually busy and a bit congested and I feel like I should let people out ahead of me. And sometimes I do, but when you don’t get thanked or an acknowledgement of some description back you have to ask yourself why you bothered in the first place. It doesn’t take much to say thanks regardless of where you are – be it in a car or otherwise.

I was in this town yesterday because I really wanted a KFC for lunch. Cue meeting up with Alex and having said KFC, but the car park on the industrial estate where the KFC is located has got to be one of the worst I have ever seen – worse than where the ASDA and Hobbycraft is in Maidstone. Getting into the car park is fine, but getting out the traffic builds up in and around the car park itself because the roadways can’t deal with the heavy traffic linked to the rest of the industrial/retail complex. [Nando’s wants to build a restaurant somewhere near there too, but that wouldn’t help the road situation at all… nor me because I would be there a little too often…].

When I was leaving the car park – as mentioned – the traffic builds up. Everyone puts on these blinkers of looking ahead only as people try to barge their way into the line of traffic trying to leave. The thing is – you kind of have to put on the blinkers and not let the people and the cars out, otherwise you would be in the same spot forever and not make any progress. And of course, we all have things to be getting on with [to be fair, my plans were to go home and knit, so it didn’t really matter so much] but that being said, it’s not nice having to wait around in that situation. I think I must have been waiting at the top part of the car park for about ten minutes from where people has barged in, taken the spaces or just didn’t have the confidence to make the move onto the main road. Luckily, when it was my turn to go I was turning left – and nobody tends to go left probably because it means taking the long way out of the town – but after seeing all that traffic I wasn’t going to go the other way.

So sometimes, even though I didn’t need to rush about and be in a hurry, you can’t help but not help somebody because they either don’t appreciate what you’ve done, they don’t want to help you out, or you just want to be on your way because you’ve been held up for longer than you had anticipated.

Random post over for today folks, but I suppose it does pose the question – are you too busy to help someone, whether it’s like and my driving, or do you go out of your way to help people?

Take it easy folks,