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So you may not think it the greatest achievement in the world, when today the gaming industry will be exploding with thoughts and feels about the most recent “Grand Theft Auto” game, but today I completed the main storyline for the reboot of the “Tomb Raider” series. Yes, I had better things to be doing, like this knitting malarkey, but I had been stuck on a section for some time, and after leaving the game alone for sometime [like, more than a few months] I thought I would finally try to get past that one section.

I have enjoyed this reboot of the game but I think it was unnecessarily gory in places. Being gritty doesn’t have to mean being gory. The level of bloodshed throughout the game is just severe. The virtual blood banks must have needed restocking with the colour red once this was released.

I know there’s talk of a second confirmed game in this reboot franchise so that would be cool, and I would definitely play it, but I would hope that there would be less murder [sorry “survival”] in the second, and more exploration of tombs much like in the earlier games. One of the things that drew a lot of people the original series was the expansiveness of them, the need to think for oneself without being given the answers straight away. I remember, back when I didn’t know what I was doing in those blocky games, that it would take a long old time to get anywhere. Solving one puzzle could take the best part of an age for me. And in fact, I don’t think I completed any of those original games without cheating.

The “Tomb Raider” reboot supplied a game set on an expansive island where you are able to discover, locate and traverse your way through, acquiring skills and abilities along the way. I think, despite the expansiveness of the game, the whole idea of the rather yucky island, that it was still very liner, something that most of the Tomb Raider games outside of the original series [I’m sort of going up to TR: Chronicles here as I didn’t have the opportunity to play Angel of Darkness], I think a lot of the paths and the way forwards were either just too obvious, or I stumbled across them in a very easy manner.

Over all, I enjoyed the game play, and will look to get a 100% completion [my first time play completion was a mere 68%]. Oh, I should mention – this game has made me feel quite motion sick when playing as when Lara is walking/running/ doing anything the designers have employed the shaky camera effect and my head and my eyes don’t like it! I have come away from every session feeling rather dizzy – and it certainly isn’t from the otherwise awesome graphics – however, completion of the game – one of the few that I have completed on the PS3 – means that there’s a new opening for a game. Probably won’t be GTA5 for the time being though not when it’s been nearly £50 at most places I’ve seen it advertised.

That’s all for today folks,

Take it easy, and I’ll get back to that knitting in a bit I am sure,