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Go to your iPod [or mp3 player]. Put it on shuffle and then take the first line of the first 10 songs and write them down. It makes a little poem! [I shall apologise in advance if any Combichrist appears, I am doing this as I go along – it wouldn’t be fair otherwise!]

“Once I had a dream,

This is the end,

Remember the first dance we shared?

And I would give up forever to touch you,

Forgive us our trespasses,

How can we let this happen and just keep our eyes closed ‘till the end?

Is it true what they say?

When you cried I’d wipe away all your tears,

I killed you in me,

White lips, pale face”

Well it started out okay. I had to skip through a few foreign songs as they were either in Spanish, German or Finnish. There’s a mixture of my music tastes in there, and actually, I think I know what CD I’ll be putting into my car for the morning.

Take it easy folks!