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As the month has gone on I’ve lacked on things to say despite themes from DailyPrompt. Today is no different, and for the most part this is yet another video themed post.

There’s two reasons why this post is short, primarily I cannot be bothered to turn on my laptop (I went to the gym today, moving anywhere that isn’t on my bed is going to be a struggle!!)

The second reason is that my laptop seems to need more hamsters to get it going. To be fair it is something like 3 or 4 years old so I can understand it, but I just couldn’t be bothered to wait it out. So mobile blogging it is!! (It is surprisingly easy and usable for a small post like this to be fair).

Tomorrow’s post is more than likely going to be yet another Star Trek themed post because I saw an episode yesterday that really annoyed me and I feel the need to talk about it – I just need to compose a proper post about it.

Today’s video comes courtesy of Mock The Week which is pretty cool, and one of my favourite comedy panel shows on TV.

Take it easy folks,