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I wanted to write that blog today about the Star Trek episode I mentioned yesterday but my eyes are tired, and it’s a bit of a struggle to look at the screen and it be in focus [either that, or I ought to get my eyes tested yet again, even though I only had them done at the beginning of the summer].

So that blog won’t be happening today. I still need to write about my friend that went to Hogwarts at some point this month as I promised that I would. [And get on with the stuff that I’ve been neglecting, like my knitting, reading and life itself.]

So today we’ll have another video blog, but I will talk a little bit about why I am posting it.

A couple of blogs ago I did the meme with putting the iPod on shuffle and writing the song titles down. I liked it how the “poem” came out, and made me realise that I hadn’t listened to this band in a while, so put one of the CDs in my car for a bit of listening when I am out and about.

When I was really into Nightwish I was also into Within Temptation. I must confess that I haven’t followed much of their recent stuff, but I am sure that will change. I was thinking about why that was, and the only explanation that I could come up with is that the main time I would listen to music would be walking to/from school and on the train home, or when I was studying and now I don’t do any of that I don’t listen to anything as much as I used too. Going to the gym will change that because I’ll listen to something whilst there at least.

That’s all for today,

Take it easy folks!