As I walk to work today I realised that I have yet to blog and will no doubt not have the time to do it later.

Let’s focus on my fist sentence of this blog for a moment. I am walking to work, dear readers, which is something that I don’t tend to have the opportunity to do very often because of one of the the I perform called Priceline. I won’t go into it except that I take my car for a little drive before most work days, excluding weekends. Recently, even if I have been working a weekend shift it seems to have been a late shift followed by an early shift the next day and there is no way I’m losing out on sleep just to walk.

As I am walking I am listening to some Combichrist through my iPod. This is something I miss about walking places. Music is so more intimate when listened through the headphones. (They are also pretty swish Beats headphones so everything sounds mega awesome!!).

I bought some new boots today for work as my air walks are falling apart. The boots will do through the colder months anyways. What is awesome about them is that they came from the children’s section in BHS which go up, amazingly, to size 7 for children. This means cheaper shoes/boots and no tax to pay on then either. They were also in the sale which means even more savings all around!

I’m sure I should probably stop writing as sure I’ll walk into someone or a tree or something.

Does it sound ridiculous to say that I miss walking to work? Because I really do. I love Bessie but I miss this walking business.

Take it easy folks,