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The last couple of blog posts have been made via the iPhone app, which is okay, but since the iOS7 update to the app [and not the phone, the update is awesome] the app has been a little buggy in actually posting the blogs. I’ve been dubious about using it since it took me about 10 minutes to post the first one at the weekend, but needs must and I didn’t have time to write a proper entry on the laptop. I am hoping that the bugs will be worked out of the app [and that it doesn’t lose the reader ability again as that was the most frustrating time since having the app”].

Saying that this was going to be a proper entry of course doesn’t mean that it will particularly long. It’s one of those things where the end of the day is coming in, and I once again have no idea what to write. I have two blogs in the works for my friend, and my boyfriend [wouldn’t want to leave him out now lol].

I would like to share that I really feel as though I made good progress with the equipment at the gym today. It feels as though my body is accepting the actions of the equipment, like the cross trainer for instance, as I was able to go for a lot longer than I have done previously. I pushed the limit for what I was doing with things like the weights, and again, it’s something that is a continual process and I really hope that I can begin to see the results from going. I also really enjoyed today. I wasn’t concerned about a lot of it, so I guess it means that I have settled into the routine and found my pace. So it’s just a case of keeping up the whole shebang!

I also managed to crank out some of the knitting and have now reached that magical 50 per cent mark which means that everything here is on the home run. I haven’t been able to find an adequate time to knit recently, so I am pleased with the progress of the past couple of days off work.

With the amount of time I haven’t really had over the past couple of weeks it makes me question my ability to do NaNoWriMo in November, but I am sure with some planning around things like the gym and my days off I’ll be able to come up with something.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go to the cinema with Alex, all things going to plan, which would be nice as I haven’t been able to spend much time with him over the past couple of week.

Take it easy folks,


[Whilst writing this there was a brief interlude wherein I had to deal death to some spiders. Well, I hoovered them up. I mean, there was more than one. And cobwebs. Above my bed. Which makes me unhappy. So they needed dealing with.]