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“John Dies at the End” – David Wong

I finished this book toward the latter end of last week, I think, but have put off writing about it. I fear that this won’t be a particularly long blog more so because the book is quite frankly confusing, and very messed up.

The basic plotline runs like this – man meets reporter – man tells his story of drugs [“Soy sauce”] – the supernatural – ghosts – dogs – girlfriend[s] – weird demonic insect things – rinse, lather, repeat – dimensional shifts – Korrok [weird demon thing]. Of course, I say basic plotline – it really isn’t. To be honest there is so much going on that I struggled to make sense of it all, that and there was a lot there for the 400 or so pages.

I liked the comedic story telling of this, the causal, flippant way that David Wong tells his story. It should be noted that David Wong is a made up “author” of the book [the actual author being something to do with the website “cracked.com” but I couldn’t tell you his name]. I think the comedic value got me through this book to be perfectly honest, if it hadn’t had that I wouldn’t have lasted.

One of the only reasons why I picked this book up is because I got interested in the sequel “This Book is full of Spiders” but from reading “John Dies at the End” it will take me a while to get around to the second book in the series. It was just seriously mucked up. I could deal with the whole idea of demons and fighting the crazies, but the whole inter-dimensional bit was just ridiculous.

Also, I did feel a bit cheated as John didn’t die at the end, at least not in this book.

I wish I could write more about it, but it was such a mind fuck that I just can’t.

It was also was made into a film, that wasn’t released in the UK by the looks of it.

Take it easy folks,