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Insurgent – Veronica Roth

It would seem that I started reading this series around the right time being as though the last book in the trilogy is being released this month. I recently finished the second book “Insurgent” so thought I would write a brief entry about it. I will try to make this as spoiler free as possible for the people who haven’t read this one yet.

The second book in the trilogy picks up exactly where the first one leaves off – something that I find quite unusual in series. Usually there’s a brief catch up window that allows the reader to recap what’s gone on, which is helpful if you don’t happen to read one book straight after the other. The best example I can give is in the Harry Potter series, wherein “summer” is sort of the catch up period between the books.

There is nothing like that in Insurgent, not even a bit further on. There are frequent mentions of certain characters and their situations/what happened to them at the end of Divergent – one bit in particular that I struggled to endure. I think Tris’ rehashing of her actions during the last part of Divergent do grate on the nerves a bit, and I think has received a lot of criticism from other readers – but actually, I could understand her struggle to move. I think Roth’s inclusion of panic attacks and the inability to get over the events of that night are fairly realistic.

Tris’ relationship with Tobias is strained because they are both keeping secrets from each other, regarding all manner of things, from factionless going-ons, all the things that Tris did in the last book, her inability to care for herself and her willingness for self-sacrifice [some of it well over done, most of it needless]. She can’t bring herself to be open with Tobias about what was going on in her head, yet she expected him to do the same which was infuriating at times. There were several times in Insurgent where this happened, and each time I found that I didn’t really care for Tobias – but then this is one of those series that produces this awesome strong female character, flawed, but can kick ass when she needs too, then makes her swoon for a man and not able to live/function without him. In this regard I have seen a few mentions of the anti-heroine Bella Swann – whilst I’m not sure I would agree with that, it is very annoying.

There’s one thing that I will mention – the fence. Throughout the first book you sort of forget about the mention of the fence when Tris is being an initiate, but there’s more mentions of it in this installation. From when the book started mentioning the fence, and I sort of thought this briefly in the first one too, I predicted the cliff hanger at the end. It has an air of the Truman Show, but without the reality TV show bit included.

The science behind the Divergence is a bit flaky as well. Surely all their brains would be like that considering their origins? Or am I just not grasping something here?

I am intrigued at how this series will end, more so because there seems like a lot of stuff to include and tie up in the last book in this instalment.

What’s beyond the fence?

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