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As you may have noticed I failed my September challenge for writing a blog every day for the month. Life got in the way and I was unable to post – which was a shame really as I had planned a few of the final posts at the end of the month [about my friends] and that they would round off the month quite nicely.

It is time to return to the books and knitting side of things. I may attempt NaBloPoMo again in November alongside NaNoWriMo, which I will be taking part in this year, but I will have to work it around other stuff, so I am thinking that I will have to aim for a couple of 5k days here and there, if not more, in order to achieve the word count.

Today’s post is more of a catch up post in regard to my knitting. I finally finished my super secret project, which was a Ravenclaw house scarf for my best friend, which should keep her nice and toasty warm as the cold, blustery Autumn comes into full force. And then Winter, of course.

Sorry for the sideways photo!!

I am really pleased with how this turned out, excluding the crest, but in some lights it looks the Ravenclaw crest in flight. I had been planning on making this for a long time, but other projects had taken over, so I am glad that I was finally able to find the time to make this. I also find that making things like this makes me feel closer to the fandom, something that I am sure that I have said before.

The other thing that I have made [in fact, I finished it just today] was another Minion, this time for my sister. These are fairly quick knits so I have been trying to make them in between other projects so that they don’t take up a huge chunk of time, and that I don’t get bored with the pattern or the repetitiveness of it. I have made three so far, and I think there are four more on my list of requests [which extends all the way to Australia!].

I am not very good at sewing on the mouth, as you can see…

So that’s the knitting up to date, my next project will be a hat, and I also have some hat elastic to secure the ribbing of another hat I made last year that I managed to pull to hard or something.

I bought some more yarn today as well, only a 400gm ball of Aran Tweed for a sock pattern from “Knit Now”, which looks to be both a quick knit, and also, the ball of yarn should cater for three pairs of socks. [With all the bills rising again this year, I think we ought to be wearing thicker socks lol].

I am currently reading “Morlock Night” which is considered one of the original books that inspired the Steampunk genre, so will write about that once that’s finished.

Take it easy folks,