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You know they say bad things happen in threes. [Who “they” are is a whole other philosophical question]. I guess it also depends on your perspective on what constitutes bad as well.

I had a late shift last night, which finished at 23:00, and left for work at 06:00 this morning so that I could be in earlier as there was loads I needed to do [at least, that’s what it felt like] but somewhere along the way I hit a pothole [well, this is Kent, and the roads are notoriously bad] and… wait for it… I lost a hub cap.

This isn’t a major thing I know. In fact, in the grand scheme of all life that has to offer it’s really petty. But that being said, Bessie is still missing a hub cap and it’s really annoying. Bessie, as long term readers will be aware, is my Fiat 500. I bought her last year, is my second ever car and she was brand new. I love Bessie, and I am really proud of my achievements – driving and actually owning a car. [Alright, finance, but she’s still mine!].  Now I feel like she’s been sullied and that’s she missing something.

When I realised that it was missing I drove back to the area where the pothole was but couldn’t see anything, and this evening I went and did the whole route again just to see if it was around. Every time I get in or out of my car I look her up and down doing an unconscious check as to whether everything is all okay. So when I got out last night I would have looked, and this morning when I got in I would have looked. It’s just frustrating!

One of my customers works in the car showroom across the road, and being on friendly terms I got him to order a new one for me.  But one, just one mind, will cost me a little under £30. I don’t mind this, and I am aware that Amazon will probably have cheaper versions – but at least this way I know that it’s the right stuff, and because he did it based on my registration so it should match what I’ve already got.

The other thing that has annoyed me today is my “Simpsons: Tapped Out” game on my phone has regressed some 13 levels and is really annoying simply because I’ve spent money on it. The game makers had better be fixing that soon otherwise I shan’t be playing any more…

This hasn’t made me be in the mood for writing…