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Today I hit that magic halfway point where everything that I now is downhill, rather than that seemingly uphill struggle. My current word count is a little over 27,000. By the end of tonight I am hoping for 28k, but I wanted to take the time to write about this milestone as it is, for me, one of the most important.

This year it hasn’t felt like a struggle to sit down a write like it has done in the past. Whether it is because I took last year off, or whether this is a story that simply needs to be told, I don’t know. The plot has turned into something completely different to what I was originally going to write [isn’t that always the way?]. I have enjoyed the process of writing as well. I usually do, to be fair, but there’s just something about the whole thing this year that has made NaNoWriMo all the more special for me.

This year since leaving university I went to a write in as well. I cannot describe how nervous and apprehensive I was before I went in. Alex walked me to the threshold of the venue – and it did sort of feel as though I was going for my first day of school or something. These days I don’t play very well with others, but I wanted to go to a write in. I wanted to socialise with a few people as well, and the thing about NaNoWriMo is that it brings people together, even if it is only for one month of the year, as well all support each other through the process of writing a novel, from the ups to the downs.

I actually wanted to hit the halfway point much earlier in the week, but this week has been not really been on my side for sitting down and writing in big blocks. That being said, I’m still relatively ahead of target so it’s not so bad. This week I don’t know – it just seems to have gotten away from me, and the times that I was able to write I didn’t really feel the urge.

It’s still entirely possible for me to hit 28k this evening, which was my target for today, but I’m okay if I don’t hit it to be honest – I have developed a plot twist that I wasn’t envisioning – and now I’m not quite sure how to get my character out of it. The other thing that is disturbing me about the plot is that I feel as though I am heading toward the conclusion a bit too early, and that I will run out of words before I get there… a few more plot twists and hidrences I think – and then the conclusion… but what else can I put my MC through really? Her mum’s been kidnapped [apparently, not really set in stone], her friend has been beaten up and sent to hospital, and now she’s looking after a five year old boy whilst trying to solve the riddle of the haunted hospital, her missing mother and she really can’t be looking after a child that she isn’t related to…


Keep on writing folks,