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As soon as I hit my personal word count for today I really wanted to post and share my progress with you all. My target for today was to reach 35,000 words and I was able to do it thanks to a combination of spending some time on my own, after having a yummy pre-writing breakfast with my man, and going to the Tuesday write in at a really awesome place in a local town.

I haven’t written as much as I wanted to over the past couple of days, more so a combination of tiredness and the fact that I cast on a new project as it feels as though Christmas is creeping up on me and I decided to make something for someone that I only see a couple of times a week, but when I see her it really cheers up my day. Plus, she’s my “girl crush” so it’s only right that I make her something for Christmas. Also, Knit Now has this really cute Polar Bear pattern in issue 28 that is so sweet that I’ll be making some of them for the Christmas tree.

So the writing front lagged a bit in the last week; in fact I was barely on target for the latter part of the week. Today is my only day off in the whole week so I’ve used that to its full potential and reached that magical 35k goal.

When I do NaNo there are certain goals where I feel particularly accomplished with what I am doing. My writing isn’t fantastic – but that’s okay – this is only the first draft [and as mentioned in a previous post, I really feel like this story has the potential to be edited and made into something more] – so a first draft is okay that the writing isn’t great. As I go along there are things that I think I need to include a bit earlier, and have additional interactions between the characters – and actually, make it be a little less flat and one dimensional – there’s at least one character that needs her name changed – and maybe introduce some male characters as there’s only one at the moment, and he’s the head teacher of the secondary school – so there’s already a lot of work to do.

My first goal is always to get to double figures. There’s a sense of “this is going somewhere” when you get to double figures. Next is reaching the half way point. 20k in itself is a great feeling when it has been reached, but the half way point is even better as its all downhill from here – the word count increases, and it just feels brilliant knowing that from 25,001 you’ve written half the target word count, and with any luck you’re halfway through the novel.

35k means that you’re well and truly on the homeward stretch; this is the time that your characters are making their final decisions that will lead to the climax of the book. At first when I was writing I felt that my conclusion was coming along too quickly, now I feel as though it’s coming along at the right point if I flesh out what happens in a good way.

My plot hasn’t progressed how it was intended too; my main character Hope Rodgers sort of took charge of the plot and what I’ve written, and the situations she’s put herself in are entirely her fault, not mine!

Today I have written a little under 6,000 words [which in years gone by has been a struggle] and enjoyed it immensely. I am aiming to get to the target word count [50,000] much sooner than the end of the month, and hopefully spend the rest of the month concluding the story, if it needs it. Bearing in mind how much I have written today that means that I could theoretically do it in three sittings and finish, but knowing me it won’t be like that at all, and I’ll end up taking too much time off and being all blah.

Right, that’s all for now folks,

If you’re doing NaNo – you’re almost there, you can do it, even if your word count isn’t progressing as smoothly as you want it too. Me? I’m going to take a break and crack on with this knitting.

Take it easy,