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Deciding on a whim to go out after work and second some quality time with Alex (it’s November, and because of NaNo I don’t tend to spend all that much time with him), we decided to go to the cinema. Going out after work for me is odd, I dislike being out late as I tend to get very… not nice when I’m tired and haven’t had enough sleep. So in a fit of multitasking I was getting ready to go out and Alex was looking at what was playing at the local Cineworld.

I was casually thinking of going to see the new Thor film as I ready love the first one and haven’t really had the chance to see the second one yet, however, as Alex was browsing the site he suggest the second Hunger Games film. This was a must as we both love the books, and the first film was a fantastic adaption.

Naturally, we decided to see it in Imax. That was my idea as it was my treat as we haven’t been to the cinema for a while (I don’t think I can remember the last thing we saw actually), so it was a really nice treat I. That respect.

The film itself was amazing. I think there was more detail left out of this film than in the first in comparison to the books, but that being said it didn’t lack. I won’t give away any spoilers if you haven’t read/seen it yet but you are in for a treat when you see it. I forgot a lot of what had happened in the book and had actually planned to re-read the series before the release of this instalment but time had gotten away from me, then NaNo came along and gobbled up the rest rest of the time, and then I forgot about the release of the film.

I did feel like a long film. I’m not sure what the run time was. We went in for the 17:00 showing and didn’t come out until about 19:45. I’m not sure when the film actually started though. I think if there’s something I always forget about the Imax experience is the loudness of the speakers. I love the screen size, but I tend to pick seats that are away from other people (I have mentioned it before but I struggle around people in certain circumstances), but these tend to be the seats near the speakers…. and they are loud! It doesn’t detract from the overall experience though (my left ear has that post loud noise humming…).

Would quite possibly go and see this again :-)

What do you think of the second Hunger Games film?


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