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During November I went to a local “Home Sense” store [which is basically a TKMaxx but without the clothes and filled with home stuff, if you haven’t come across one before]. I have never known them to sell yarn at all, and was in the mood to buy some anyway as I wanted to make something for a friend of mine that comes into the garage a couple of times of week. This person is so lovely, and always cheers up my day regardless of how it’s going, and when I started knitting a couple of years ago I said that I would make her something.

Home Sense is a hit and miss store. You can find all sorts in there, from furniture to kitchenware all at discounted prices. This particular day I was browsing with my mum and we came across a large stash of Rowan “Drift” yarn in the most beautiful purple/black variegated colour way and knew that this was what I was going to use for my aforementioned friend. What I liked about getting this yarn from Home Sense was that the yarn RRPs at about £9, and I got it a little under £5. Now was the time to find something to make with it. Cue in Issue 28 of Knit Now and the “Woodland Knits” supplement which contained a pattern by Tiny Owl Knits “Juniper Wishing Scarf”, something that I was watching through her blog through the summer, and I decided that this would be the perfect pattern to use for the yarn and for my friend.

It didn’t take all that long to make, the big yarn and big needles meant that it travelled quickly and progress was good. Using the big needles did make my hands hurt a bit though, but I think that was more because I haven’t made all that much with big needles before, and not for a long time.

I’m happy with the end result and ended up using four balls of this type of yarn, including the huge fringe. I really hope that my friend likes it – when I told her I was making her something she said that she “loved it already” without even knowing anything about it. So here’s hoping she likes the final result!

There is one thing about this yarn that I didn’t really take into consideration, and that is noticeable in the picture [which is also a bit out of focus, sorry!] and that because it is a natural yarn, and variegated, there was a random light section of yarn from the same ball that I was already working from despite being from the same dye lot. I know that when you use this sort of yarn you are supposed to knit from two balls at the same time to prevent this sort of striping – I just didn’t think that it was going to happen to me. [I’m sure it’s what we all say when this happens…]

I am happy with the final result though, and I really hope that the recipient likes it. If she doesn’t I will take it back because I really like it. I am thinking that I will make a matching headband [the same pattern I have used for all the others that I’ve made] so that there’s a set.

The other thing that I have made is a “petit polar bear”, the pattern from the same issue of Knit Now as the Woodland Knits, and came with a free bit of white and blue yarn to make. I decided to make the “mummy” bear. Fairly quick and easy, but the making up was a bit fiddly – as you can see from the picture that the bottom wasn’t sewn up as well as well as it could have been. That and I still can sew features!

Sweet little make though, and I want to make a few so that I can give them out instead of Christmas cards to the people closest to me – if I have the time that is!

I think I need to finish making my minions now though as there are still three people waiting to receive them…

Take it easy folks,