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Where has the week gone? It’s certainly been a busy one, with two trips to London, a day in Canterbury, Port Lympne and shopping in various places across Kent as well I feel really rather worn out! I am back to work on Sunday however, so have used the time to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done, and have in fact, only a few more items to get for my parents and then I’ll be able to call it a day without worrying about it.

I have only made two knitted items for someone at Christmas – I blogged about it last week sometime I think – so will have to wrap that up and take into work next week so hopefully she’ll be able to get it before Christmas hits.

I haven’t written any Christmas cards yet, and don’t really plan to as I don’t tend to like sending them. For my friends further afield it’s not so bad, but with the throwaway environment we live in it’s not so great [I tend to keep most of the cards that are sent to me, I always have]. Instead of sending cards I aim to give to the people that are closet to me a little knitted polar bear because they are sweet, and only take a couple of hours to knit. That, and there aren’t a lot of people to knit them for.  I have already given one to my buddy Alex when we met up and had a day of museums in London yesterday. [More on that in a bit].

On Tuesday my twin Milly, my boyfriend and myself decided to go to London to the Winter Wonderland. I pre-booked a couple of activities – ice skating and magical ice kingdom – as it was recommended on the website, and it meant that our places were guaranteed, more so on the ice skating as it sells out very fast. We went during the day as it was less busy.

We’ve all agreed that the biggest achievement of the day was that none of us fell over on the ice; we all nearly did at one point or another though. I love ice skating, and which I lived nearer a rink so that I could have lessons. I’m so clumsy on solid ground, except when I am climbing over something or on the ice – so it’s always an interesting experience. It’s always fun watching other people and playing guess who’s going down first as well.

The magical ice kingdom was also pretty awesome. The amount of time and effort that has gone into that, the carving and the set up was just immense. To me this is what the ice bar in Egypt should have been – something a little more grand rather than just a tourist gimmick – although it would be a huge effort to maintain something like that.

I do have pictures of the ice kingdom but they’re still on my camera at the moment so will do a blog tomorrow with a few pictures included. [If I remember…]

Yesterday was another London day. Travelling to London on the tail end of rush hour and being squished into the tiniest corner of the train wasn’t a pleasant experience though. Meeting up with Mr. Hogwarts was cool as I hadn’t seen him since June time before then. Its great catching up! We did a few of the museums [British History, National Portrait Gallery, the V and A], and we walked miles. And miles. And the 175 steps of Leicester Square, which I struggled with. Embarrassing as I have been working out at the gym and everything!

Visiting the museums made me realise how much knowledge has appeared to have left my brain in all matters history over recent years. I think I may need to crack open some books and refresh my knowledge! Seeing Mr. Hogwarts put on a corset must have been the highlight of the day, so wish I had taken a picture of that one!

I have also made a Christmas cake, and needed to ice it this week. Ladies and gents, I am not good with icing, and when I showed my mother she, no word of a lie, nearly wet herself laughing at the monstrosity of a Christmas cake [to be fair Ma marzipaned it and I had to add to it around the sides as therewasn’t enough to cover the sides as well…]. That being said, it is entirely home made [well, excluding the marzipan and icing which were ready to roll] so it’ll either be really awesome, to totally opposite. I’m aiming for no less that awesome.

That’s about it for now, I have more polar bears to make, a book to read [I seem to be sailing through “A Discovery of Witches”] and those final presents to find and wrap.

Take it easy folks,