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Based on the success of my last sewing project I decided to crack out the sewing machine again today in order to make something else – so aided by “Sew” magazine, a free fat quarter from said magazine and my printer I decided I was going to make an elephant with the pattern supplied from the magazine.

Pattern downloaded and cut out I took my time preparing the fabric – as much as I loathe the iron I had to iron this piece due to the way that it had been supplied. Easy, done. I also ironed the plain fabric that I would be using – well, whilst the infernal machine is out, why not?

Things went, as you can imagine, a bit downhill from there. I cut out the pieces, reversing the templates as and when needed, and prepared the machine to go. I checked the bobbin, which looked like there was plenty of thread left [there wasn’t, but I didn’t find out until I started sewing]. I had to remake the ears several times. And then the body… I remade the body a good three or four times as it went wrong so many times!

The dog took such a short amount of time to make and was such a success… this was just a struggle from the word go really. From not really understanding the instructions despite the fact that I took the time to read them – I got the ears all sewn on wrong no less the four times; after picking it apart twice I decided to simply start again. On the next go I got it all ready – ears sewn on all the right way… then realised that I wouldn’t be able to sew it together as both parts were facing the same way… so on the last bit of the fabric it was the last chance – if it didn’t go right here I was going to give up.

My sewing up has already improved, but needs much more practice before I can even think of attempting to make a garment of any kind I think. Time to practice some straight lines and turning, maybe.

However, it is finished, and it is here:


It actually looks okay now that it’s finished, but I used up the entire fat quarter on this when it should only have used up about a third as the first cutting out of the fabric showed. It’s given me a bit of a headache to be honest because I couldn’t see where I was going wrong, and why the instructions wouldn’t compute into my brain. I need to sort this brain process out before I attempt some garment making. Sewing isn’t as forgiving as knitting, it would seem!

Take it easy folks,