So here we are again, facing the precipice; the waters are rising and there doesn’t appear to be a let up in the weather. We’ve had a brief respite, but as the darkness draws near so does the next lot of rain.

This situation is strange. You see endless pictures in the news of flooded regions, even in the UK – but you don’t think that it’s going to happen to you. We have two threats from flooding; out the back of the house there is a river [I won’t name it as I am always cautious of internet security]. There is flood barrier too, and it’s a fairly high barrier in itself, and a flood plain that also doubles up as a nature reserve when not in this situation. Which ultimately means that there’s plenty of room for the water before it hits us. This is full to bursting.

The front of the house would be okay, and in the past the river would form a moat around the estate, but the drains are very rarely – if at all – pumped so instead we have the rising waters from the drains as well; in all this means that there is just no where for the water to go, except up and out, which puts all the houses in the firing line instead.

There’s nothing to do except make sure that emergency bags are packed in the event of evacuation, that the valuables are on higher ground; upstairs is most ideal but even there room is limited. For now it’s a case of wait and see, hope and pray that the waters don’t continue to rise [in vain] and keep occupied; there’s no point worrying about it, what will be will be. It doesn’t stop it being any less stressful though.

Here are some pictures from around my town:





Keep safe and update soon,