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It feels as though it has been a busy few weeks, but in reality it probably hasn’t been. I’ve been trying to finish a project for a baby, and it would have been great to finish before the item was too small for said baby. Luckily I finished it two days ago, so all that remains is to put a button on it and to give away.

This was a project from the “Knit Now” magazine, in the Issue 29 supplement [I think, could be issue 30]. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I wanted to make it for someone, and thought I would give it a go. That being said, no matter how much I wanted to knit it, actually doing it was much harder. It was written in an alright manner, but I just couldn’t fall in love with the project so finishing it became more of a chore than enjoyment, which makes me sad as knitting isn’t a chore, it’s a hobby that I love. So perhaps next time… just make something else.

What I liked about this project is that I was able to stash bust a bit – using up a decent amount of yarn without going over board and needing more. In fact, this particular yarn [Hayfield Baby DK in Pink] has actually wielding not only this tunic but also a cardigan [made a small while back now, and for the same baby] so there’s now a matching outfit.

During the last couple of weeks I also speed knit a pair of laced mitts, a pattern also from “Knit Now” – in fact if I haven’t mentioned it before, it is this pattern that led me to buying the magazine. This particular pair of gloves were knit in green, with bright pink laces. The reasons for these particular colours are because of the history that I have with this person, when we were in school together we were utterly obsessed with everything Sailor Moon, and her persona was Sailor Jupiter [I was Sailor Moon ;)].

I don’t have a picture of these yet to show you all as I was still putting the finishing touches on as I was walking out the front door to meet for a Wagamama’s. It was Erin’s 25th birthday, and it was really nice to see her and our other school friend as it’s been a while. This project stash busted a bit, and despite the fact that it was knit in acrylic rather than a wool blend like my previous versions of these gloves, they turned out so much better. A decent size, the ribbing cast off worked and doesn’t cut off the circulation in the hands like my own pair do, and they generally turned out really well, so I am happy with those.

I have cast on a new project, this one a fairy doll for my niece. I am already enjoying it more than the tunic so hopefully the result won’t be too long in coming. I’ve already completed some of the fiddly bits and begun working on the arms [one down, one a third done]. There are lots of different colours involved in this so again, a bit of stash busting here as well.

In terms of stash busting the hospital my mum works at is starting a little knitting circle for the old ladies so some of the stuff that I know I won’t ever use may well end up there [it’s a cheats stash bust… but you know, if needs must]. I haven’t bought as much yarn in the past year or so and the previous one, but I still have a fair amount I’d like to use before buying more. Lots of knitted toys are the way forwards haha!

One of the reasons I haven’t posted in the last couple of weeks is because my WordPress has been affected by a WordPress type bug, and posting is a bit of a mission at the moment. It’s transferred across to my phone app, and although I haven’t checked it’s probably on my Kindle app too. Basically, everything is in dual language – some of it is displayed in English but most of it is in Japanese or Chinese or something like that, of which I know neither. I am hoping that the WordPress team are working on it and that things can go back to normal pretty quickly!

Anyway, that’s all for now folks, keep safe!


[We weren’t flooded in the end, if you were wondering, but it was pretty darn close this time. Here’s hoping that the weather has eased off a bit. We did have a bit of a tornado yesterday that lasted about five minutes then just disappeared. This weather is just crazy, probably the worst I have ever witnessed my nearly 25 years existence!].