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It feels as though so much has already happened this year, and it is only mid-February. Whether it’s been meeting up with old friends, or dealing with the adverse weather that seems to have been stuck over Britain for the best part of two months, the year so far has flown by. Despite this, personally, I don’t feel as though I have achieved much – for instance, I usually zoom through knitting projects like there’s no tomorrow, or books with such valour that it gives me a headache. [I have yet to still read “Allegiant” although someone posted a huge spoiler in an article that wasn’t even about said book, like really? I don’t need to read it now apparently.] [I will do, eventually].

This year I wasn’t planning on participating in the GoodReads book challenge as I haven’t reached my quotas for the last two years running, and I find that towards the end of the year I tend to choose books that are easier to read, or short reads, to try and bump up what I’ve read. I’ve put off the big books that I want to read because of this challenge… but then, they finally added the challenge to the phone app so decided to sign up again. My target is 40 books again, same as last year, although to be honest I very much doubt I’ll reach that target again. I plan to read those big books that I keep putting off as well, I can’t justify not reading them just because of the challenge.

My last post “Dear Bessie” is also one of the major moments of this year so far as well. I had a phone call one night from the Fiat dealership I go to offering me a special open day the next day, which I attended and signed up to a new car [which will be called Luna, after the Clair de Lune, which was stuck in my head the day I signed up to the deal]. Basically, it was a super deal that couldn’t be matched if I had gone at any other time. I also won an iPad Mini out of it as well, sweet. I will be sad to let Bessie go though, as she is my baby, and I thought I was going to be with her for at least eight years.

Luna is blue, but not convertible.

My knitting projects are making slow progress so far this year. At the moment I am working on a Rose Fairy Doll [a Patons pattern]. There are a lot of fiddly bits, and about 40 pieces to put together on it, so am modifying it down ever so slightly as I want to get on with it, so for instance, there should be four parts to the wings, and a “base” for them, but I shall only have to, and omit the base. Most of the flowers and all the leaves are made, and I want a different solution to the hair as I dislike the one shown. [I am hoping to make some progress with this bit today…]

I have also started a cross stitch – a craft I haven’t picked up for a long time simply because of how long it took to finish the wolf pattern from a long time ago. This new one is making good progress though, and does appear to have absorbed the time that I would usually spend knitting… and all this leaves little time for reading my current book [which to be honest I’m not a 100 per cent enjoying anyway].

I haven’t been very well over the last few weeks, and have been hit full whack with another cold, so I am spending the day at home and hoping that I will get better soon!

I’ll leave it there for now folks, and update again soon,