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In yesterdays’ blog I mentioned that I was working on the Rose Fairy Doll, and felt that it had stagnated a bit due to having a cold and taking up some cross stitch; throughout the rest of yesterday and today however, I had a spurt of renewed energy for this particular project and today I present to you the finished item:

I really love how this has turned out, more so because I chose to change several parts in the way of finishing; namely the hair [not the horrible design from the pattern that I have never liked], and the wings – I couldn’t figure out how to assemble the wings according to the pattern, so instead I used just two of the big ones [it wasn’t a great loss, I had only made one of the smaller wings instead of both]. I wanted the hair to have some impact, so used a crochet hook to attach the hair and make into something that stands out much, much more.

I have mentioned in previous posts about my lack of crochet skills, and because of this I first thing this morning I had to shoot out to the local Hobby Craft to get a smaller hook [I only had 5.00mm, possibly a 4.00mm]. Naturally, they didn’t have the size that I wanted as a single purchase, so got this little pack instead:

Of course it would be better if the sizes were more varied. The first three on the left are the same size, and the two remaining are also the same size. This is something that I don’t really understand as with crochet you can release a hook from the work and use it elsewhere, unlike knitting, so having the same ones in the same pack doesn’t really make sense? Perhaps there is logic behind this but I can’t see it. It wasn’t hugely expensive but I was in a hurry and needed something that would do the job. I know that Amazon have more variety for the same price, so perhaps it would be worth me looking into something like that for the future?

Of the knitting itself I am really happy with how it turned out. One of the other Ravellers note that there are 37 pieces involved in the construction of this doll. 14 leaves, 9 roses, all the body parts, wings etc. This does seem a bit excessive to me, which is another reason I changed things around a bit. When I first started making it I started with the things that I knew would bore me; the leaves, some roses, then worked on the body parts. I tried to make up as I went to ensure that it wouldn’t be a chore at the end.

I probably will be making this again in the future for my sister but transform the whole notion of a fairy doll into a witch-y doll for Halloween, all luminous colours – orange, green, purple etc. as Halloween is her favourite holiday of the year. In fact, for the both of us, it trumps things like Christmas. I’m sure there are patterns for little witches’ hats out there so it is already a mostly formed plan in my mind.

For the hair on this doll I used some Regia sock yarn in multicolour’s of purples, pinks and reds, and used up more than one skein of the stuff. This was intentional as I wanted the hair to have some decent length [long hair FTW!]. I also used a triple strand with each bit of hair, so perhaps on the next make I would consider using less as mentioned I used over one skein for this.

Considering the massive stagnation in this project [I usually churn out toys really quickly] I am more than happy with how this turned out. The roses at the front look much lower than they are in the picture for some reason. I really hope my littlest niece likes this – that, and that it doesn’t fall apart with a couple of plays.

Well, that’ll do for now folks, see you on the next blog,


[I still can’t do faces…]