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Lately in this world of social media and insta-friend updates I have seen something going around called “100 Happy Days”. The basic idea is to post a picture of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row – and whilst this in itself is something that I would love to take part in I know that I would fail after about thirty days or so as I get interested in other things and forget about the challenge. It’s a really nice idea though, so I thought I would take it a change it a bit to make it work for my blog. I shan’t be posting every day, but I shall aim to post once a week about something, or things in general, that make me happy.

I have various hobbies – photography, knitting, sewing, reading, cooking, I have a lovely boyfriend, and I also go to the gym on a regular basis – so there are a lot of things that take up my time. I also love driving my car [my Fiat 500 – was my dream car from when I first saw them], so sometimes I could be taken up with these hobbies that I forget to look around and see what makes me happy in the day to day.  I guess it is one of those of things that you end up taking for granted.

My favourite hobby is knitting. But it’s not just the act of knitting that makes me happy; it is the community around it too. Ravelry is by far the best tool I have come across, not only is there a plethora of information, patterns and guides out there, there is also the people. Traditionally, knitting can be seen as quite isolating, but with the advent of social media and Ravelry suddenly it’s not so isolating. And the people that I have come across are just so lovely and helpful, for instance there was a pattern that I was struggling to get hold of due to copy right reasons, and they were able to order it for me and send it to me [I also have the physical copy on order because… well because I’m both greedy and impatient]. There will be more posts on this in the future as I will be taking part in my first ever “KAL” come the beginning of March.

As with many other knitters I started knitting with some cheap yarn and in garter stitch. I made a scarf for my boyfriend in the Hufflepuff house colours about three years ago now. [I was taught when I very little, but forgot over the years]. Knitting for me is largely self taught, and when I get stuck with patterns or stitches, it’s either Ravelry or YouTube that helps me out of the bind.

Knitting makes me happy. It’s therapeutic, utterly relaxing, and I dislike not having anything on the needles. My current project is using the most lovely alpaca yarn I acquired from a local farm show in the summer – I just hope that I have enough yarn – the project is a vest so I should do.

What makes you happy?