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What Makes You Happy?

This is a question that can be answered on so many levels it can actually be a bit intimidating. We have everything that we do in the day to day – for instance, when someone favourites a picture of mine on Instagram it makes me happy, receiving a comment on my WordPress makes me happy, receiving e-mail from a real person rather than all the automated junk makes me happy. But this sort of happy is instant, and fleeting.

There are other things that make me happy in life, such as a message from my boyfriend, getting results where they matter – whether it’s at work or home, like my knitting, or the gym – receiving letters from my best friend. It doesn’t always need to be something big, or something insane. Lasting happiness can be found in the smallest of things – like I receive letters from my friend, but the act of receiving them is beautiful as it shows that someone has taken that time to write to me, and with the advent of modern technology spending time writing a letter is more heart warming than an instant message or a note on Facebook.

Other things that make me happy are quite simple as well, such as having a new plot idea for when NaNoWriMo comes around; whether I do anything with it is a completely different matter, but that act of having that idea burst forth into my brain makes me happy, it makes me feel as though my brain is still active somewhere in there. Today’s idea came from something that was on BBC News this evening, and has quite the potential… usually when I have these ideas I start researching and then find that someone else has already done it, which can be a bit disappointing.

In my last post I mentioned my Fiat 500. Having one was my dream from the moment I saw them; they are sweet, small, and economical and a fun drive. I always maintained that I would have a yellow one, but the manufacturer isn’t currently doing the colour I want. I got one a couple of years ago called Bessie, she was white and an entry level model [I needed a car quickly, and didn’t have the time to have a car made to order]. On Saturday I picked up my second model – having traded Bessie in as I was offered a pretty sweet deal [I do feel a little like I have betrayed her a bit…]. My new Fiat 500 is a beautiful blue colour, with a matching interior dashboard. She also has air conditioning, which I didn’t have before. She’s also the next model up from Bessie, but largely the same spec as Bessie. It’s something that makes me happy as I had dreamed of having a Fiat 500, and it’s a dream that I have achieved. I always have a smile when I look at, and drive my car! [Unless some idiot driver feels the need to overtake me on blind corners which happens far too often for my liking!]

Happiness is one of those things that is difficult to maintain. I think it’s impossible to be happy for any prolonged amount of time, but being content is equally as good, if not better.

What makes you happy?