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I haven’t blogged since about the middle of March as it’s been a busy few weeks – there’s some stuff that I’ve been doing that I don’t want to jinx yet so I won’t go into details on that one – that and work has been full on, which has eaten up a lot of my time.

What I want to blog about is my current work in progress – I am taking part in my first ever Knit Along [KAL] – which has actually been going since March 3rd – for the Heliopath Vest from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine, available only in the US due to copyright restrictions. Luckily I was able to get a hold of both the physical copy of the magazine as one of my American friends was able to order it and send it to me – and the person running the Knit Along was also able to send me a digital copy of the magazine. It’s such an awesome concept that I wish there was something similar in the UK.

I wanted to make the Heliopath Vest from the moment I saw it, and have so very nearly completed it. I am going to attempt linking my WordPress to my Instagram so that you can see the progress… and if that doesn’t work I’ll post a few pictures underneath the blog entry. I am using a largely acrylic blend of yarn because… well because I like it. I think I’ve managed to buy too much yarn for my version of this so I’ll have to find something else to make with it too.

I found out about the KAL through the magic of Ravelry – it has shown me another side to knitting and Instagram, and also how nice strangers can be as well. The KAL ends April 12th I think but I’ve nearly finished knitting the main body so hopefully will have finished before then, which means that I will be able to return to knitting the other Vest I started before this project – one with super awesome alpaca yarn [which, incidentally, Deramore’s now sell so all that worrying about running out of yarn for whatever project I wanted to make is a bit redundant].

I’ve also started reading “11.22.83” by Stephen King – it’s actually quite engrossing, and I’m looking forwards to seeing the story through to the end – so look out for a blog about that in the near future. I’m currently just shy of the 50 per cent mark, and can’t stop thinking about the some of the key things – this is [fictional] counter-factual history in its best I think.

So only a small update, but there will be more in the near future!

Keep on crafting folks,


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