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Epica have announced the first leg of their European tour [wahoo!]. It was announced on Facebook whilst I was at work, so naturally the first thing I did when I got home, after falling down the stairs (because I am an idiot. [This was in a rush to answer the door, after having a shower, clothed in nothing but a towel. Not a good look!]) I decided to look into booking tickets.

I have been to see Epica twice before, once at the Scala, and the last time at The Electric Ballroom [both London]. [I don’t like the Electric Ballroom, at all, but if my favourite band is playing there then I’m going to go]. The last time was a VIP session, and you know… nothing beats doing it again.

Queue TicketMaster, hurriedly creating an account and booking tickets to make sure that I had tickets for this event. To be honest I am not sure how popular this band is in this country, but I know that I will go to see them as often as I can. There is nothing better than being able to go and see the band that you love. I’ll be taking my boyfriend again as well, who got his iPod signed the last time he was there. VIP tickets are the way to go for this sort of thing for sure!

Who else is looking forward to “The Quantum Enigma”? I know that I also have the 3 CD “ear book” edition on pre-order from Record Store UK


The two songs that I have heard from this album so far are just awesome – and they set such a precedent for the album. I am particularly looking forward to the title track of the album as well – if only because of some of the lyrics/spoken parts in “The Kingdom of Heaven” and some of the hilarity that surrounded the bit that goes “back! back! You’ve still got work to do!!!!” or something to that effect. [Degree/dissertation/friends… ’nuff said].

Any thoughts? Anyone else going to try and get out to this awesome band? What other bands have you been to see?