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I’ve now been knitting for a good couple of years, three I think, but could be a little more, and I’ve come to the stage where I would consider myself an “intermediate” knitter – a bit of lace here and there, something more than the occasional scarf.IMG_0206

My current project is the “Carat’s Vest” something that I bought from Ravelry. It’s a lovely design, and I am using the perfect yarn for the project, something that I’ve wanted to use for a while. The first part of the pattern is knit in the round, but I realised today that there’s a problem with my knitting. I posted a picture a Instagram of my knitting:




One of the comments suggested that I when I am working the purl stitches I am twisting them – cue some internet searching and an attempt to correct the situation. I can’t decide whether to rip back the knitting as it’s part of the decreasing section so I would have to take it slowly and ensure that I didn’t miss a single stitch. I am sort of thinking that I will leave it be for the time being and ensure that the front panel is knit in the correct manner… but then there’s the tension situation, and the fact that there is a very visible difference in the stitches.

This is something that I have noticed I do in the past, but I can’t remember what pattern I was working on at the time.

The reality is I think it’s going to take more than one project to adjust my knitting technique to putting the correct stitches in place. I think I need to remember to put the yarn *over* the needle, not under, which doesn’t sound like much I bet it will take a while to get into this new habit. And then I also know that my tension for my next project is almost spot on so I could leave it like that until the next project is finished?

I am just not sure. Any knitters out there with a second opinion?