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This sounds like it should be the name of an “Idiot’s Guide” book doesn’t it? I have never had a Mac computer at all before so this is all a bit of a culture shock really, but I have wanted one for sometime now as I like how they look more than anything else, but I think it may take a small while to get used to it.

They are sleek, and shiny, and powerful [apparently]. I did decide rather than to buy outright to get it on finance for one simple reason: Credit history. There’s nothing better than achieving a good credit history, like an investment for the future. It’s for this reason [among others, too] that I have recently got a new credit card, and a reason why I got Luna and traded Bessie in – it’s all about having a good credit rating and having things to repay allows me to build on that so that one day in the future [probably when I am old and grey at this rate, however] I will be able to buy my own house and be all adult-like and have a mortage.

When I was in the shop I was advised against buying the version of Microsoft Office as there will be a new one released soon, so it would be better for me to wait a few months and invest in that rather than buy one now and it be out of date in a few short months. The Apple guy [it wasn’t an actual Apple shop, mind] showed me that there was a free online version of Office that could be accessed through Outlook which I had absolutely no idea about either, so my blog today comes courtesy of OneDrive Office Word. [Results cannot be guaranteed ha-ha]. The main reason I want to invest in Microsoft Office again is mainly for NaNo reasons, that and I love having Word. It’s probably one of the most useful tools I have come across in writing and noveling – I have tried others but I just couldn’t get along with them for sure.

It will take a while to get used to – the short cut keys will be different, in fact I’m not certain that they are called short cut keys on Mac – the whole copy/paste via the buttons rather than the mouse. I have already figured how to set the touch pad to respond to a tap rather than a click, and once I figure out if the equivalent to a “right-click” exists I’ll be laughing. [More so that I can actually get this pasted into my WordPress browser window…]

I am impressed with the power cord connection as well – I’d better not lose it as it looks expensive to replace – but the connection to the MacBook is magnetic – so if someone [probably me] were to trip over the cord it would come out with no damage and minimal fuss.

I was told that this little piece of gadgetry should last me quite some time as well. I have had my Dell, nicknamed “Pinky” because it has a pink lid, for over four years now, and I think the motherboard is starting to go as my brief foray into the world of Google yesterday suggested – it took me a little over 30 minutes to get it going yesterday, then a good couple of hours trying to back everything up just in case it crashed – hence why I have managed to justify the expense to myself for this instead.

I could well have spent a lot less money and be in a lot less debt had I gone for a Windows 8, but looking around there was nothing that I could see that I wanted, nothing that jumped out at me – expect a Vaio, which I was swiftly advised against as Sony are consolidating their technology branch and product support would soon be ceasing for their laptops. Whether this is true or not, they also said to me that the internal components just weren’t as good compared to an HP Pavilion [which really surprised me, but as I said to my boyfriend… I don’t want to have another HP – my very first laptop was an HP and it did the job no problems but when there was an issue and I sent it off for repair, their solution was to just wipe the hard drive rather than actually *fix* the problem. Although that could have been the people I was using for the insurance on it.

I did invest in AppleCare… which should be worth it if I ever have a problem… which I hope will not be the case but it’s a good thing really as I don’t know as much about this little bit of technology as I do about Windows.

Well, that’s all for now folks as I have an awesome new album to listen to [which I will blog about once I’ve listened to it a few times – Epica – The Quantum Enigma], I have some knitting to finish, which I am hoping will be done by the end of tonight, and a book that I am dragging out reading because I just don’t want it to end! [“Dreams of Gods and Monsters” – Laini Taylor]

Take it easy folks!