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It’s finally finished! My Carat’s Vest is done! I started this way back in February but took a break not long after casting on to take part in the HeliopathKAL hosted on Ravelry and Instagram.

I would consider this a particularly successful knit in that I learnt a few things about myself and my knitting skills at the same time. I did feel a bit silly finding out that I was knitting the purl stitches incorrectly, causing the stitches to twist and make the work look notable different after working the round. Discovering this also made me realise why most of my finished products look different to other peoples when comparing notes on Ravelry [please tell me that I am not the only person to obsessively compare my work to other peoples’ final products…].

Knitting copy

I will admit I had a few issues with the pattern, it was one of the first patterns that I chose that didn’t have lots of other peoples projects in the database. It’s a bit of chance buying a pattern in any case. To begin with it looked very well presented, and up until a point it was very well written, but I did discover a couple of errors as I was making my way through. One was to do with pattern repeats which had I not picked up on it would have made the bust area way too big, and the body a bit too long. This being said I raised the issue with the designer [who then deleted the comment about there being a problem from the comments page on the design… I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest, it’s like hiding a mistake].

There was another error a small while later where the pattern said to disengage the yarn and reattach at the other end, but had I have don’t this it would have led to the stocking stitch being reversed, which I very much doubt was the intention, so this was fixed by completing a WS row, and then picking up the pattern again. I consider myself at an intermediate stage in my knitting these days, and thankfully my previous knowledge worked in my favour here as I would have otherwise have needed to undo and probably struggle to find out where I made the mistake as no doubt I would have been obsessively, and blindly, following the pattern as though it was gospel. Thankfully, I don’t do that anymore.

I would make this again, and in fact I have more than enough yarn to do so, but I think I will move away from this pattern and try something new, especially as I will be making another Heliopath Vest next for my friends 25th birthday which is fast approaching. That and a really small something else for her too, just because she is one of the most awesome people I know.

Okay, that’s all for now folks, keep on crafting!


[I still don’t like taking pictures of myself when it comes to showing off my knits… or myself…]