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The Victoria Sponge recipe seemed to go down quite well, so today I wanted to share with you a quick and simple recipe for a delicious Malteaser tray bake. When I made this, it was for my sisters birthday [which was also back in March, so I don’t have any step-by-step pictures for you…]. The reason I choose this particular item to make as a friend of mine made me something similar as a thank you present around Christmas time, and I really wanted to re-create it as it was so, so yummy.

This is so quick to make, I was genuinely surprised at it. I mean, the recipe – which is in a lot of online places so I won’t provide a source link – said it was quick but sometimes you have to be a bit skeptical. 1911161_672386759493414_1886068784_o


100g Butter

200g Milk Chocolate  – I’m a Cadbury’s girl, but any chocolate will do!

225g crushed Digestives

225g Malteasers– I think I just used a sharing bag, not quite this amount. The beauty of this recipe is that you can alter this and it will still be yummy!

3 table spoons of Golden Syrup


– Melt together the butter, chocolate and syrup.

– Add the crushed biscuits and the Malteasers.

– Mix together quickly and pour into a lined dish [baking paper or grease proof paper will do, nothing fancy]. It doesn’t really matter what size dish you use, obviously a deeper dish will take longer to set than a shallow one, and you may need more mixture for a big, deep dish.

– Put the in the fridge to set!

I think the longest part in making this dessert is crushing the biscuits if you don’t have a food processor [I don’t] and impatiently waiting for it to set so that you can have a taste.

When I made this I put marshmallow’s on top; not being a fan of marshmallow’s I wouldn’t do that again for sure, but they were in the cupboard so I thought I would use them, but why not decorate with something else to make more interesting? Especially if it’s something that you are giving as a birthday cake or something?

The consistency of this product is very similar, to me, of a Tiffin – you know the biscuit, raisin and chocolate thing [Costa do a very nice example ;)].

If you make this I hope you enjoy, and that these instructions are clear and precise for you, and of course, share if you do make!

Take it easy folks,