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Over the last few weeks [possibly a month, I lost track] I’ve been working on a project that would be my main birthday present to my best friend – I made another Heliopath Vest [I have recently made one for myself, and the pattern is so awesome, and so easy to make that it had to be shared with someone else].

Here is the final item:

Heliopath #2

It looks so different in different lights!

I used the same yarn for this as I did with mine – Hayfield Aran with Wool – I tend to get the 400g  balls for the sheer reason that there’s a reduced amount of sewing up at the end. That’s it… plus it’s a decent yarn that I used for a lot of projects and can be washed in the machine without having to worry about it felting or shrinking. Practical, and it appeals to my post-project laziness in sewing up.

This pattern is easy to follow, and seems a bit daunting in the beginning with all the 1×1 ribbing, and the what seems to be never ending pattern repeats, but ultimately it’s awesome, and easy to remember. I did make a few mistakes initially, and I can’t explain why as the first one I am fairly certain that wasn’t the case. Perhaps I was feeling over confident with this? That being said I am so happy with how it’s finished, and actually, you can’t really tell that two of the buttons are a different colour to the rest of them.

All that has to happen now is that it needs to fit the recipient – I am certain that it will, but now it’s all about the no knowing until it’s tried on… I hope that Nuri likes it!

I haven’t written a knitting post for a while now as I am a one project horse, and this has been said project.

Whilst I was making the Heliopath, however, I did have a little splurge on yarns… I ordered two skeins of yarn from GnomeAcres, a yarn shop in the USA that I have been obsessing over for quite some time now. The two colourways I ordered were “Glow Cloud” and “Aurora Gnomealis” both really beauitfulcolours. I am already using the “Aurora” colour for a “Hitchhiker” scarf, and it’s coming along beautifully. I am already at 18 “teeth”. I don’t think that I will make it to 42 as I don’t have the yardage [but you never know, magic might happen]. GnomeAcres

10313998_724897660908990_1029361501091672373_nThe other yarn I ordered was via Deramores, which has become my go-to place for yarn outside of Hobbycraft. This was a Fyberspates brand of lace weight yarn in “Cherry” and is a beautiful deep red colour. I plan to make Kate Davie’s most recent design for it; I’ve never made a big shawl like that, and in such fine yarn before so will be an interesting make.

I have a yarn winder on order from Amazon as I was unable to make a decent ball of yarn with the “Aurora” [I won’t post a picture, it will hurt knitters eyes!]. It will make life easier, even though it’s a contraption that looks like it’s come straight from the 1960’s.

I am thinking of making some nice, simple socks with the “Glow Cloud” colourway, but am unsure on what sort yet. [Also, as a side note, I have only eight more pod-casts to catch up on with “Welcome to Night Vale” after being behind for such a long time. I started listening when episode 30 was released, and didn’t actually catch up at all. We’re now on something like 48].

I really love the colours that GnomeAcres produces, and I can’t seem to find anything remotely similar in the UK. I’ve done quite a few searches for UK indie dyers but I just don’t know where else to look? I’ve scoured the Ravelry boards for the UK sections and yeah – just not sure. I am thinking I should attend some of the craft shows and fairs to see if there’s anything like it around, but I can’t guarantee the time from work to be able to go.

There also isn’t a great deal of yarn shops around me either, excluding the 3 Hobbycrafts within a 30 mile radius. I know of two independent yarn shops, but they are a sideline rather than anything else, and basically just sell ridiculous amounts of the same type of yarn. It seems to me that there is a completely different atmosphere and attitude to knitting in the USA, and in being more out there in terms of colours and experimentation, which is why I will order more stuff from GnomeAcres, and from the people I have through Instagram, even though it means that I will have to pay customs fees for the privilege – something that I don’t mind to do at all, I just have a severe dislike of my local Post Office].

Sorry for the rubbish photo’s they were on my phone, shared to Instagram, then shared to Facebook and they aren’t the greatest of qualities.

Anyways, that’s all for now – if you know of any awesome UK based Indie/handmade yarn dyers, please let me know!

Keep safe folks,


[P.S – I changed the theme for my blog, what do you think?]