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“A Million Ways to Die in the West”

As the title may suggest this film is set in the Wild West – something that I must confess I don’t have much background knowledge in – and is Seth MacFarlane most recent foray into the film world. I have to say I didn’t think that anything could be “Ted” which is basically live action Family Guy/American Dad – but this was so side splitting funny that it’s at least equal to Ted.

I’m not sure what attracted me to this film – I’m not one for Westerns at all, and whilst this wasn’t a Western in the traditional sense, it was a laugh. Cue the typical bad guy, the shoot out, the bar brawl, the faithful dog, a little bit of sheep farming, and as per the title [whilst not a million] there is also a lot of death. From being crushed by an ice block, being speared by a bull, or simply getting shot it was dealt with an amusing turn.

The basic plot is this: Somewhat cowardly guy gets himself into trouble = duel, gets out of trouble, splits up with girlfriend and then falls for the new girl in town. Who happens to be married to the most notorious villain in the West. It’s going to go pear shaped!

This isn’t a film that has a special message – aside from believing in yourself – but it is a good laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed to hard, and been retching at the sheer disgusting-ness at one point at the same time before in my life. And the moustache song is really quite catchy too!

There was a decent nod to Back to the Future where the main character enters a shed and see’s a Doc Browne-esque character working on his Delorian. Of course, nothing more is said and the whole thing is forgotten later on, but I thought it was an awesome nod to the 1980’s for sure, and I think this made the film for me.

Have you seen this? What did you think?