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I went to the cinema last week to see “Maleficent”. It was something that I had wanted to see from when I had seen the first trailer for the film, and thought that it would definitely bring a new perspective to the Sleeping Beauty story, so before we go to far here one of the trailers for the film.

I enjoyed the overall storyline, and it was nice to have an alternative to the traditional fairytale. It’s always interesting to know the villains motivations in why they act like they do, in this case Maleficent and the exploration of her childhood, her love, and naivety and where that would lead her later in life.

I like that this wasn’t really a love story in the traditional sense, and the meaning of true love also. It’s something that I have always been an advocate of; true love isn’t about that instant falling in love with another person and having a relationship – it’s the relationships that form around us. This is shown in the film with the lack of the love story – the prince for Aurora was just a sideline mention, not the whole story, this, in it’s essence is simply the story of Maleficent and Aurora and how a mother/daughter bond can form and change the course of fate.

I did have a few issues elements of the story though. The three fairies irritated me – it was probably designed to be that way to allow the bond between Maleficent and Aurora to grow – but they were so ridiculously idiotic that they were irrelevant. Aurora would have had more luck on her own than with them. [Even though Professor Umbridge was a fairy…].

I did feel that despite all the film, there was something missing. I quite put my finger on it; Maleficent was powerful… but again there was something missing. The scene where her wings were cut off was heartbreaking, and I believe it was an analogy for rape [and a good medium to get people talking about it considering Angelina Jolie’s position as Ambassador for rape victims in war torn countries for UNESCO].

That missing thing though – I don’t know – I think I felt disconnected with the film somehow, as though it wasn’t quite enough to keep me engrossed. I didn’t feel at the end that this was an amazing film that would live in my mind forever, or even for a small amount of time.

Have you seen Maleficent? What did you think?