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About two weeks ago I finished one knitting project, and usually jump straight into the next without hesitation, and this time was no different. I knew what I was going to make as the end of the Heliopath drew near, and with what; I was going to make a “Hitchhiker” scarf with GnomeAcres “Aurora Gnomealis”. If you’re a knitter you’ve probably heard of this pattern, it certainly seems like it’s one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry, and I think this is the case because it’s so simple and elegant and a breeze to make.


I didn’t think I would have enough yardage to get me to 42 points, but my tension was a bit tight which is the only way I can explain this away. I thought I would get maybe to 36 points and that would be that. I had 11g of yarn left, so would probably have had enough for a 43rd point, but thought I would keep it at 42. It’s a little shorter than I expected, but then… tension. It’s okay though as combined with the lightweight yarn it’ll make a perfect Autumn scarf, or accessory when it’s a bit chillier out. And with the British climate as it is, you never seem to know what you’re getting.




I love how easy this pattern was – there was no real need to concentrate. I used a row counter rather than counting the stitches using a stitch marker [but to be far, that was more because I didn’t really understand what people were doing with it until the end and I had looked into it a but more].

There isn’t really all that much more to say about it, except that I will be making it again, one for my sister, one for my boyfriend for sure. I plan on teaching my mum how to make it so that she can have one as well as she seemed impressed with it. [I’ve already “re-taught” her how to knit, and she’s making good progress with a simple lace pattern from “Knit Now” a year or so ago].

My next project will be one that I’ve done before – an elephant pattern by Sarah Keen. This time it’s going to be in Aran weight yarn, and on 4.0mm needles [I just love them… mine are getting worn out though]. This will be a combined effort of stash busting and present for my sisters friends baby girl. If that all makes sense. I’m going to modify some of this one though so that I can make the main body in the round, maybe the arms and legs as well.