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This week I finished another project! I am both pleased with how this [not so] little elephant has turned out as this is something that I’ve made before. In fact, when I made this the first time around it was my third ever project, and before, you know, I knew how to knit properly. Or, should I say, purl properly.
I also finished this really quickly – I only started in the early part of this week. For the most part, I knit everything in the round to speed up the process, and to reduce the sewing up at the end. Sewing up projects for me is a funny thing – it’s not something that I mind doing at all, but I certainly have found that if I can avoid it, I will. I always imagine that if a pattern requires sewing up then it should be done that way to get a product that is similar to the pattern… but then… less sewing up does make life easier. I’ve come to realise that it’s not laziness for me, it’s about trying to get the project that has the best finish.

The only thing that I didn’t alter in how I made it was the head – but only because I didn’t want to put the brain power into it. Everything else was knit in the round though.

I made this with two thoughts in mind; STASHBUST; and, more importantly, a present for a friend’s baby. I used over 130g in Aran weight on 4.0mm needles. I also managed to use a decent amount of fiberfill as well. the recipient has already named her Ella, a little playmate to her baby Bella, which I found very sweet!

How do you go about projects? To sew up or to avoid it?