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In the week I went to visit my best friend, for whom I knitted a few things a while back, and was finally able to give them to her for her birthday – even though our meet up was a little belated. She’s awesome, and I hope that she likes her stuff. I made a little Golden Snitch that she already has plans on making into a mascot for her Harry Potter Walking Tours. She also loved the Heliopath.

Before meeting up, I took some time to go to Loop, a famous yarn shop near Angel tube station. Even though I’ve been knitting for about three years now, I have only recently been looking for independent yarn shops; my interest in Indie yarns has peaked, as shown by my obsession with GnomeAcres, which I also have two shiny new skeins/hanks to show off:


My purchases from Loop:




I’m looking forwards to finding a pattern to match all these awesome yarns!

This is my current project:

I’m really excited about this, and feel as though magic is happening. This is a toe up sock, and although it looks a little on the small side in the picture, it actually fits perfectly; I am hoping the shaping will sort itself once they’ve been washed. The yarn is Black Market Wool, my winnings from the HeliopathKAL back in March. It’s knitting up lovely, and the amount of colours in there is astounding for sure! I look forward to finishing this as a whole [i.e. not get second sock syndrome], and being able to show them off as a pair. Knitting socks toe up appears to be much quicker than toe down for sure!

I already have my next few projects lined up as well, which makes me determined to ensure that I finish my projects. The one after this will be another Hitchhiker in the Animal yarn above, which will be a present for Alex as it’s his birthday next week – although he won’t get that on his birthday as I won’t have it done in time!

I’m off to Scotland for a few days next week to see the Pandas [this is quite literally the only reason that we’re going] so I’m hoping to have a look around Edinburgh and see some of the yarn shops, along side the Pandas and the Castle. It will be a busy couple of days, especially considering we’re driving [from Kent…]. I’m looking forward to this little road trip though as it’s something that we’ve never done before!

Take it easy folks,