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The Inbetweeners Movie 2

When the Inbetweeners announced the first movie I didn’t think the creators would be able to translate a half hour show to a full movie [how many films have done that and actually passed it off?] However when I went to see it it worked very, very well. That was a good couple of years ago now [I believe] and this week the second movie was released, and has become the best performing British film this year, and best release for a British comedy as well.

The second movie does just as well as the first – the misfits that we had from the TV series through to their exploits in the last film… it was great to catch up with these characters once more, knowing that they were still friends, that they still hadn’t found their place in society and that Jay is still making up ridiculous out of this world lies about his sexual adventures…. or lack thereof.

When I went to the cinema to see this there was a queue that wound out of the doors. It’s a pretty big cinema as well, with the maze style queuing system. Even when big films like “The Avengers” came out I haven’t seen a queue that long.

If you have an immature sense of humour, liked the TV show, or generally want a laugh go and see this film. You don’t need much foreknowledge of the previous film, and it’s not hard to grasp the notion that these are a bunch of misfits… and if you like poo jokes, this is the film for you. Because the poo joke is so, ridiculously, tear inducing funny… and sickening at the same time. You won’t look at water slides in quite the same way again.

The only thing that I thought was a bit of a downer on this film was the rather abrupt ending. But everything was tied up into a neat bow, allowing for the franchise to bow out of the market respectfully, and in a funny manner. The one thing that can be said with this is that it was a great series, and certainly, the creators and producers allowed it to finish without becoming old, stale or awkward.

I was disappointed to not see this in the film though:

Have you seen this film? What did you think? How do you think it compares with the first?