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Today I bring you a set of gloves [or mitts or what ever you call those things that keep your hands/arms warm when the cold of winter starts to seep into your bones…] that I started/finished making in the course of the last week.

These are the “Evenstar Gloves”, pattern can be found on Ravelry, here, and they are just amazing. This is a pattern that I have regularly queued and then deleted when reviewing the queue list as I wasn’t sure I would have the skill to make them as they just looked so complex and insanely hard to make – which was silly of me to think in the first place as one; I can knit gloves in the round, two; I can do cabling, and three; I can read a pattern. But they did look complex and I did put off making them.
Recently I have discovered some hidden confidence with my knitting work, and feel as though I have made that transition from “beginner” to “intermediate” maybe even erring on to “advanced”. There are still things that I would like to develop better – like my ability to sew up/seam knitted pieces together [a reason why I love knitting in the round to be perfectly honest]. This hidden confidence have definitely emerged this year, perhaps it was with the Heliopath Vest, perhaps earlier I can’t quite tell. I can certainly tell the difference in the patterns that I am now looking at on Ravelry and thinking that I can do them, that they are within my remit for sure.

I love how these gloves have turned out. Yes, there were mistakes – mistakes that I didn’t even realise until I was knitting the second glove [on the right hand glove I was C4B instead of where I should have been doing C4F] – in fact that was my biggest mistake, but it doesn’t take away from the finish item at all. I am seriously in love with these gloves, and can’t it just be winter now so that I can wear them?

The other mistake that I made was when transferring the stitches to waste yarn on the left glove. I swear I transferred eight stitches, but when it came to picking them up there was only 6 on each row, and I have carefully inspected and can’t see any dropped stitches anywhere. This hasn’t made a noticeable difference how they fit on the hand/thumb though so it’s all good, and doesn’t look like the circulation is going to be cut off. Although, for these gloves loss of limb would be acceptable. [Alright, maybe not, but you know…]

This pattern also taught me a new technique for creating a thumb hole. The previous gloves that I have made have all been created using the gusset method. In this pattern where the thumb would be, the stitches are knit onto scrap yarn, and then reworked with the working yarn, and then picked up once the body of work is completed. It was one of those things where I wasn’t sure I would do it right, and excluding the bit where I didn’t put enough stitches on hold it worked perfectly, and it doesn’t feel any different from making a glove with a gusset.

I used Debbie Bliss Andes from my stash, in burgundy and it’s just perfect. It’s a blend of alpaca and silk, and does look a little fuzzy when you look at them, but it’s just beautiful. The picture of them makes them look quite skinny, but they fit well when worn, although they are little tight I think if I had gone up a needle size they would have been too loose – I have ridiculously skinny wrists. Seriously, I can buy children’s watches have have them fit!IMG_0478

The pattern is also so well written. It’s one of those that I would have been genuinely happy to pay for – it’s clearly written and the instructions are so easy to follow. I will have to check out the author’s other stuff – if it’s as good as this one pattern then I’m on to a winner for sure. I am surprised that there aren’t more people who have made this – perhaps this blog could inspire a few [nudgenudge, winkwink]. I changed from working on DPN’s to Magic Loop though as I can’t stand using the DPN’s that I have, and just find the ML loop much easier. And, actually, no ladders in this one either which makes me happy as well!

I plan to give the knitting some rest for a few weeks and get onto the Crochet magazine that I mentioned in my last post. Here’s hoping that I can branch out my skills a bit. And maybe get into the book I’m reading as well.

Have you made this pattern? Would you?

Take it easy folks,