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I finished the “Lupin Scarf” today, which is to be a present for Mr. Hogwarts – although I do still need to get some buttons or toggles as the ones that I got at Hobbycraft at the weekend aren’t quite what I wanted, as I have turned this into a cowl rather than a scarf as I would have run out of yarn otherwise.


Overall I am happy with how this turned out, the pattern is easy enough to remember, which also makes it boring [perfect television knitting – let’s not acknowledge the mistakes]. Aside from the fact that Mr. Hogwarts requested either red or purple, we have a minor clash of fandoms here, which is perfect as it describes the relationship between us perfectly; Harry Potter – Lupin’s Scarf – and it is in Command Red – after Star Trek: Next Generation as we frequently share our Star Trek watching time together through the awesomeness of iMessage.

I hope that this will fit nicely, I haven’t actually made a cowl, especially in this manner before. Button holes were created using simple YO, and then k2tog on the next row as I didn’t want to confuse myself with the ribbing.

Hopefully I will be able Mr. Hogwarts before winter sets in [*hint*], however, he is currently laid up on hospital so it may be some time yet – which would be perfect at giving me time to make him the feast I promised him the last time he was there.

My next project is already lined up, and I have everything I need for it at home [except beads, as it is a skill I have yet to develop], so will probably start that in the next few days.

My friend Erin and I have sort of started a knitting circle. At the weekend I successfully taught Erin how to knit, and begun a Hitchhiker scarf – it’s more interesting than a normal first timer scarf, and you can definitely see the progress. I am already looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks time.

I am now off work for a couple of weeks so there will be plenty of time for crafting, reading and some writing as well, so I am sure that I will be updating a little more.

That’s all for now,