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Assimilation2 [Squared]

Assimilation2 is something of a fangirls dream – especially when it’s two of your favourite fandoms squished together in a somewhat believable way and then have them face two of *the* biggest threats in both fandoms. What are they?

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who.

I should say something important before I begin: I don’t read comics. I am not a comic book reader, for no other reason than I don’t pick them up [usually because I don’t where to begin with any series]. I read the occasional manga [Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura], so as such I wasn’t sure what to expect from Assimilate2 – more so as it was crossing over two incredibly popular fandoms and therein is a danger to rip off the entire experience for both lots of fans. Although, being honest the people that are reading this are going to be fans of both.

I enjoyed this crossover journey. We join the Doctor in his 11th incarnation [Matt Smith], alongside Amy and Rory as they are hurtled across the space/time dimension and into the Enterprise’s Holodeck. We also introduced to the Borg/Cybermen alliance and the terror that they are rampaging across the galaxy. It’s now up to the Doctor and the crew of the Enterprise to fight the impending doom… but the question is can they succeed against two universes ultimate foes?

The Borg were the natural enemy to include in a crossover of this nature I think, but I am wondering whether the Cybermen could have been replaced with the Daleks? Cybermen make the better enemy because of their nature to upgrade/assimilate and how that could be more dangerous with the Borg, but the Dalek’s could also have worked well, and to be honest would have wrecked even more destruction I would imagine.

The artwork was amazing. The rendering was beautiful, and the characters well represented, and certainly in character. I loved that Guinan was included [having recently seen a Next Gen episode where her ability to perceive time is explored], and that all of the senior crew were included in some way.

The whole storyline was over eight volumes, which isn’t all that much so the ending did feel a little on the rushed side, but this was a good laugh at a crossover between two of my favourite sci-fi shows. It wasn’t perfect – Amy and Rory’s characters could easily have been excluded and it wouldn’t have taken anything from story. My boyfriend is the next in line to read this, so it will be interesting to know what he will make of it.