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It would seem that I’ve had a bit of a blog silence these past two and a bit weeks. It wasn’t intentional at all, it just I’ve been working on something that has been wholly addictive… and here it is:


This is my Shipwreck Shawl. I am so pleased with just about everything about this shawl. The yarn, the pattern, the increases. It amazes me that  started with just nine stitches. NINE. And I ended up with 1160 [approximately].  It took something like THREE hours to cast off. THREE! None of my other projects have taken that long cast off.

I used The Women’s Institute yarn, available exclusively through HobbyCraft. It’s the “soft and silky” blend, is “microfibre acrylic” and is just lovely to use. I will totally use this yarn again – it looks very similar to a Patons variety that I have also been wanting to try.

I am impressed with myself, as arrogant as that may be. This is one of the projects that I feel validates me as a knitter, shows the skills the I have developed over the last few years, and despite the few mistakes that I did make, I feel as though I was able to correct them adequately and have this awesome finished project.

I learned a new technique with this project as well; the Russian Join. All I can say is that it is amazing, and that I will no doubt use it for everything in the future as it doesn’t waste yarn and creates a versatile, and strong
I have yet to block it, and I am looking forward to being able to. I am waiting for blocking pins to arrive [I have everything else I need already]. This will be the first project I will ever have blocked [I guess I just haven’t felt/had the need for it in the past], and I am sure I will write a blog post about the whole process and my experiences with it.

I have yet to decide what my next pattern/project will be. I think I will be taking a quick break from the knitting to finish my current book. And maybe Netflix a little.

Keep on crafting folks,