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Yesterday myself and a group of friends did something called “Run or Dye”, which is a 5k fun run where you get pelted with powder dyes and basically get very dirty but in a pretty way.

It was something that I had been wanted to do for a long time. I say “long” more since when I had seen the adverts on Facebook and thought that it looked like fun. The one that we went to was in a beautiful location as well, and not too far from home which usually fun things don’t usually happen so close to home [on an account of being in the middle of no where and something like 3 miles from 3 county borders].

There was six of us participating in total, so a nice group of us.

Of course, being a “fun run” I didn’t actually expect to do any running. When I was going to the gym this was my weakest area, and I also haven’t been to the gym for some time, so didn’t expect to do any. Alex has bad knees so wouldn’t have been able to run. How so ever, we did start with a small amount of running, which was a little bit of a shock to the system.

We actually registered for the event the day before to make things easier in the morning – basically it meant that we could line up for the start of the race rather than having to queue to get our shirts and numbers. There were a lot of people there, I think one of my friends said that there was something like 5,000 people going according to the Facebook page. That is a lot of people for this little town.

Here are some of the pictures of the day:

Alex is casually strolling through the pink/purple section, this was before he was pelted with the green which went into his face.



I was “Elphaba‘d” up in this one



Erin and I just before the Dye song.



Post Dye Song. Look at how bright that red is! When the rain started it actually looked like I had been stabbed or something.

Have a great day!