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November is coming.

November comes every year, this year is no different. But that train is coming, and at a speed faster than I could have imagined. Things have been really hectic lately [more on that in the week, perhaps] but it hasn’t stopped the impending doom/creative writing decathlon that is approaching. Sane people…. depart the train now.

I do NaNoWriMo almost every year. I have done since 2007. In fact, there are two years that I haven’t taken part; 2008 [I didn’t have the time balancing full time work with full time degree], and 2012… because I was too obsessed with the knitting to put it down]. I didn’t ever finish that first story, but I still  love it; it was my first novel baby. Let’s not mention how I used to call one of my first line managers “Annabel” because I couldn’t remember her name, and Annabel was one of the characters from that particular NaNo…

This year is going to be really busy. In fact, I think Launch day/Day 1 I won’t be able to get any writing done as I am working in the morning and out in the evening. Day 2 will be spent playing catch up already. But the thing is I am mentally prepared for this, and actually, with just how busy November is already planning to be, I am going to need to schedule in some 10k days to make it through. One year, I plan to write a 100k novel, because it is totally doable, but I very much doubt it will be this year.

There is just 12 days to go until the insanity truly begins again. 12 days.

I actually have an idea for a story this year. I think the term that I can use is “regressed future”. I have this clear image in my mind of the London that I want to write about, the social structure, the environment. I have my main character set out [is it weird that I always seem to write female main characters? I mean, I know I am a girl and all that, but I tend to feel that men are under represented in my novels. Last year’s novel I think only had one male character in the whole thing…].

So yeah, that train is coming, so be ready to jump on board, or prepare to leave the station on 31.10.2014