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Yesterday was exciting; I went to London to meet with Nuri and Ed to go and see the Welcome to Night Vale live tour, with their live performance of “The Librarian”. Welcome to Night Vale is, in case you didn’t know, is a podcast in the style of a local community radio, with weekly news and community updates – except for one thing every conspiracy theory is real… and that’s okay.

It was a bit of an adventure getting to Islington in the first place. My train was cancelled, even though I was on it, which was annoying as it meant that I had to get a different train into Central London – it was strange because I am so used to seeing Downtown London from a certain angle, and I didn’t get that which was just really strange.

When I go to London for some reason my phone crashes – I had about 40 per cent power when I got into London, and literally as soon as I stepped out of the tube and needed to contact my buddies to arrange a meeting place I couldn’t. And then poor Ed, his phone conked out on us as well as someone knocked him in a hurry and he managed to drop it and broke the screen. We did well with phones yesterday…

Luckily, I took my camera with me. I always feel a bit old school when I take it – everything is done on smart phones these days, you know? But it was cool, and I got a few pictures from the gig.
We queued up for about 2 hours before the gig as Nuri had been to the venue before and recommended that we got there early as the seats are/were unallocated and we wanted a decent place to take our pew… [That would make more sense when you realise that Union Chapel is actually a church…] Look at the picture below; isn’t that an awesome stage to be performing Night Vale of all things on?


The gig itself was so so good. So many fans dressed up; there was an awesome Glow Cloud that when she walked past everyone intoned “All Hail the Glow Cloud”; so many Carlos’ and Cecils’ and the awesome audience participation during the show was so, so good. Definitely one of the best shows that I’ve been to see; the audience was receptive to the whole the set up.

Cecil Baldwin’s ability to deliver just blew me away as well. I know in the podcast that he is the voice of all the different segments, the sponsors, but I didn’t actually expect his live performance to so seamlessly switch between the sections [if you’ve heard the podcast you’ll know what I mean]. It was just awesome to see. We made some new friends as well, and everyone is called “Amanda”.



We’re going again on November 8th because we are just that awesome! I may just have to take my big camera for that one for sure!