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I’ve been working on these socks for about a month now. I was really excited to cast on, through the combination of colours, the pattern, and the fact that I was also taking part in the “SocktoberKAL2014” through the magic of Instagram. I finally finished the second sock today, but I have to admit it was a bit of a mission for one reason alone:

The first sock didn’t fit the person it’s intended for.

When I say “doesn’t fit” I mean that there’s not enough stretch to get the sock over the ankle and on, and it’s just a disappointment really. I mean, it looks great and pretty, but doesn’t carry out it’s primary function. Starting the second one took a couple of days of hesitating about whether to do it or not, knowing that that wouldn’t fit either, but in the end I decided to go for it as you can’t have a lonely sock.


I think because of my disappointment with the first sock I let myself make more mistakes with the second one. Mistakes that perhaps aren’t all that noticeable, but again affected my ability to keep going with this; I didn’t let it beat me though, and managed to make it to the end and have a complete pattern. Next time I think I’ll either use a thicker yarn, like a DK, maybe on the same size needles to get some elasticity into the garment, but that won’t be for some time yet.

This was a project that just didn’t want to be finished quickly.

It was the first time I used both “easyknit.co.uk” yarn [the blue “Bigger on the Inside” and MadelineTosh [“Citrus”], so whilst the colour combination was awesome, perhaps they didn’t work together so well? The MadelineTosh is a super wash yarn, but I am not too sure about the easyknits one to be honest. IMG_0579

I’m not going to be sworn from knitting colour work socks from this though, and I would like to think that if I made these again I would modify [sic: try to] the pattern so that I was working toe up, and would be able to add the stitches in along the side? I would need to look into the idea a bit more first though [does anyone have any suggestions for this being as though the pattern is entirely charted… could it be as simple as reading the chart in reverse?]

Thanks for stopping by and take it easy folks!