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Midnight edges closer this All Hallow’s Eve, the monsters and the gremlins await the night to make their play. Then suddenly, Midnight, the moment the barriers between the known and unknown are at their weakest, something else appears. Something mad. Something insane.

Welcome to Night Vale…

Okay, maybe not. But NaNoWriMo is coming, and I am not entirely sure where the last week and a bit has gone since I last posted about the writing challenge, but suddenly it’s here. The spectre of the 50,000 word novel hovers in front of us, this abyss of uncertainty, determination, blood sweat, maybe even a few tears. There are already people in the world about to dust of their laptops, their tablets or their pens ready to tackle this challenge and do something great; write that novel, to begin a new chapter in their personal writing history.

I love this challenge. I remember way back when in 2007 there was just four of us attending the write ins; the third year we did it there was 15. Now there there are write-ins held all across the county, and that is amazing, to know that there are all these people doing the same as you, writing and aiming for that magical 50,000 word figure.

Already I know that in some ways this year is going to be much harder than previous years – simply because November will be much busier. I’m going to a couple of gigs the first two Saturdays, working six day weeks, arranging knitting circles, and possibly moving into a new home. It’s going to be busy, but the 50,000 is achievable, and even though I know it’s going to be a busy month I am even tempted to up my word count to 75,000 just to see if I could do it. Maybe [maybe not…] even 100,000 words just to see if I could achieve that in November. Last year I remember thinking that 50,000 was just too easy, so we shall see.

Tonight consists of me frantically trying to finish my current knitting project [a triceratops dinosaur], and finishing my current book [Citadel, Kate Mosse], and then possibly scheduling a couple of blogs for them too… plus some sleeping, and up early for work tomorrow, so maybe I could charge up the iPad and do some writing on my break rather than catching up with the news… I think Pages sync’s over the iCloud now that Yosemite has been completed…

We shall see. I shall be blogging my progress as I go through.

One question remains… Will you be on the NaNo train with me?